About The Broadcast Retirement Network

The Broadcast Retirement Network (BRN) is the first lifestyle media platform focused on helping Americans achieve financial independence and to make retirement and savings culturally relevant. The content is informative and engages the viewer. Most importantly - No agendas, no sales pitches, no product pushes.

Our morning show, BRN AM, provides an assessment of daily issues so that Americans can create a plan of action for themselves and their families. BRN AM focuses on delivering headline news via brief interviews with real Americans working toward their financial goals.

Unlike financial shows which prioritize institutional investment managers and public policy organizations, BRN AM is a lifestyle show that brings the stories and ideas of regular Americans to the forefront. We engage with a range of topics pertaining to retirement, focusing individual episodes on personal finance, healthcare, social security, home-ownership and so on to provide viewers with the full picture regarding the future of financial security in America.


“We believe in using the latest technological innovations to reach an audience. Some of us like to read, some of us like to listen, some of us like to see - or a combination of all three. You can expect TMP to bring you the latest Industry information via all of these mediums and more. We want to cut through the clutter of every day life to bring important and relevant retirement information to our subscribers. We want to make the idea of retirement and financial preparedness culturally relevant.”
Jeffrey H. Snyder
Founder & CEO