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After touching down in San Francisco, I set out on an adventure to uncover what Americans are thinking in terms of saving and planning for their financial futures. Using the back drop of Marin County and San Rafael, California, we meet Shawn, a striving artist and Will, a Menlo Park firefighter and EMT. Hear their stories. Tomorrow, on to The Haight.

Founder’s Notes:

To the Viewer:

Happy National Retirement Security Week!

I have spent over two decades of my adult life in the retirement services industry, first as a recordkeeper, then a technologist and most recently as an independent investment advisor and fiduciary consultant. Retirement to me has always been top of mind and, as I like to joke, I have been thinking about age 65 since I was 20 years old.

It has always been my mission to help educate Americans about gaining financial and personal independence, first with my professional work sitting in board and trustee meetings discussing retirement plans, then as the creator of my retirement news aggregator, The Morning Pulse and my podcast, The Weekly Pulse, and now as the host of the documentary series, Roads2Retirement. This series was born nearly twelve months ago in partnership with creative friends at Oct28 Productions. The people we meet and the stories we capture have given us a much broader perspective on the various financial paths Americans navigate on their way to retirement.

There is no one clear path to a successful retirement. My goal is to encourage every American to invest a little more time in planning for their futures.  All of us are continually searching for new and better ways to strengthen our financial security.  We hope these stories will help to pave your own personal road to retirement.

We look forward to having the opportunity to produce many full seasons of the show! Thank you for watching.

Jeffrey Snyder, Founder, CEO of The Morning Pulse











Jeffrey H. Snyder currently serves as Founder, CEO for The Morning Pulse, Inc. Considered an “industry insider”, thought-leader and an independent voice, he has appeared in both television and print discussing the issues related to retirement and the capital markets. He also is the creator, producer and host of the podcast The Weekly Pulse and the original series Roads to Retirement.


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