Founder’s Notes:

  • Roads2Retirement. Thank you to everyone who watched the Roads2Retirement docuseries last week. Oct28 Productions and I had a great time producing the show and we want to thank all of the folks that made themselves available to tell their stories. We’d love your feedback, so please feel free to email me at Our goal now is to raise the funding to produce one episode per month to help provide our fellow Americans with ideas and insights as the plan their own road to retirement!
  • The Weekly Pulse. Need a weekly wrap up of the retirement news that matters? Check out The Weekly Pulse podcast. This week’s episode: The Weekly Pulse for Sunday, October 28, 2018. In this episode (1) Companies offering employees time off to vote, (2) Netflix earnings, (3) market volatility continues to rear its ugly head – what’s the reaction?, (4) women’s retirement investing and (5) new Department of Labor comment period on Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs). This week’s special guest is Bob Otter, Founder/CEO of CitizenAID USA.
  • Big Announcement. The fun doesn’t stop at The Morning Pulse. We have another big announcement coming this week. Tune in to social media (and, of course, The Morning Pulse) to learn about another new initiative.
  • Happy Birthday Mom!

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