Several weeks ago, I posted a few pictures (here and here) of the filming of my new weekly show, The Weekly Pulse with Jeff Snyder. As many of you know, we’re always trying to innovate at The Morning Pulse in order to find new ways to communicate with Americans about the importance of financial independence and to help define/re-define retirement in this country. It is a passion and our mission to “to make the idea of retirement and financial preparedness culturally relevant.” Recently, we released our initiative Roads2Retirement which puts a human face on the topic. Now comes this new and innovative show.

Based on the podcast of the same name, this new weekly show began its roots in conversations with my friends at Broadcast Management Group nearly a year ago. This show is unique and will make sure viewers – individuals and institutions – have the latest news, ideas and insights, all in an educational and easily understood format. This is a quick-behind-the scenes look at the show developed by Oct28 Productions. We think it captures the spirit of the show and some of the funny things that go on in between takes (mainly to me).

There’s a lot more to come in terms of new and interesting content. 2019 is shaping up to be an even greater year for retirement and financial preparedness!

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Jeffrey H. Snyder currently serves as Founder, CEO for The Morning Pulse, Inc. Considered an “industry insider”, thought-leader and an independent voice, he has appeared in both television and print discussing the issues related to retirement and the capital markets. He also is the creator, producer and host of the podcast The Weekly Pulse and the original series Roads2Retirement.


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