The Weekly Pulse – Sunday

It’s another great episode of The Weekly Pulse – Sunday!

It’s another great show covering retirement, the markets and personal finance, with a little comedy too.

Jeff and George welcomed back Groom Law’s Kevin Walsh who brought more breaking news as it relates to the 5th circuit ruling on the DOL fiduciary rule. Next up Bloomberg Equity Strategist Kevin Kelly and TD Ameritrade Anchor Oliver Renick dove in to the market volatility, the federal reserve meeting and what this mean’s for institutional and retail/individual investors. Marketwatch Personal Finance Reporter Alessandra Malito brought her A-game and perspective on Facebook, Toys-R-Us and top myths and suggestions for tax time. Daniel Alexander, CEO of Principal Review stopped by to discuss direct and indirect adviser/broker compensation and how employers and individuals can understand what they are paying for these services. Last but not least, Executive Director Robert Wylie of the South Dakota Retirement System discussed the impact of auto enrollment and auto escalation on preparing State employees for retirement.