The Weekly Pulse – Sunday

It’s another great episode of The Weekly Pulse – Sunday!
We kick off the show with some breaking news. Groom Law’s Kevin Walsh walks us through the impact of the Fifth Circuit’s ruling on the DOL Fiduciary Rule. 7+ years of work by the previous administration looks like it may be undone? Kevin gives his assessment.
Next we slipped into a discussion with Invesco’s Kristina Hooper to weigh in to the week that was with respect to the Trump Tariffs, market volatility and the potential impact of political and regulatory changes. To finish off our markets conversation, TD Ameritrade Network’s lead anchor Oliver Renick weighed in with the top stories of the week and what we can expect the stories to be the week of the 19th. 
Shifting gears, Senator Ben Cardin’s Sr. Tax Counsel Elizabeth Bell joined the Show to talk about current legislative initiatives. Though it’s an election year, there is some work being done and the group discussed retirement plan coverage, tax reform and the only bi-partisan issue apparently in town – Retirement.
Lastly, Scott Buffington of joins the discussion to highlight his tech initiative to improve the small to mid-size retirement marketplace. These plans are generally under-served and Scott and his team and have developed an alternative path to strengthening and improving these plans and helping advisors that serve this market.