The Weekly Pulse – Sunday

The Weekly Pulse for Sunday, August 5, 2018 

This week’s episode is smoking hot and we covered a lot of ground: Apple hits the $1trillion mark, Firefighter and Police pensions, FAANGs and #OvertheTop programming, retirement through the eyes of independent filmmakers, tax reform and paying higher taxes? and determining what the results of the Wells Fargo and NYU cases mean! All in one hour! This week’s special guests includes Guy Pinkman, Fire Captain and Trustee Member, City of Lincoln Council Fire and Police Pension. And we have our monthly Roads2Retirement segment with Scott and Ted, two independent filmmakers. And of course we can’t forget the insights of David Levine and  Kevin Walsh, Groom Law Group, Chartered, George Grombacher, Money Alignment Academy, Natalie Walters, The Motley Fool, Jacob Passy and Alessandra Malito, MarketWatch and Oliver Renick, TD Ameritrade and Kevin Kelly, Bloomberg LP