The Weekly Pulse – Sunday

The Weekly Pulse for Sunday, August 19, 2018 

It’s our 25th episode and we don’t let off the gas this week. In this special episode we cover (1) top social media finance trends on LinkedIn, (2) the roles of state Treasurers, (3) retirement plan coverage, (4) privacy in the workplace and (5) investment policy statements. This week’s special guests include LinkedIn Sr. Finance Editor, Devin Banerjee, CFA and Utah State Treasurer, David Damschen, CTP. Featuring the insights of David Levine and  Kevin Walsh, Groom Law Group, Chartered, George Grombacher, Money Alignment Academy, Natalie Walters, The Motley Fool, Jacob Passy and Alessandra Malito, MarketWatch and Oliver Renick, TD Ameritrade and Kevin Kelly, Bloomberg LP.