The Weekly Pulse – Sunday

It’s another great episode of #TWPS!

Jeff and George and the #AllStars are back talking #retirement, #markets and #personalfinance. This time Jeff is on the road in Washington, DC attending an event for the National Association of Government Defined Contribution Administrators. George is back in Arizona at home-base.

  • The duo kicks off the Show with a quick recap of the week and talk to TDA Network’s Oliver Renick and Bloomberg’s Kevin Kelly for their perspectives on market event. There is also a discussion about the health benefits of green tea (the group does not give health nor investment advice!).
  • Next up, MarketWatch’s Jacob Passy (in for a vacationing Ali Malito) goes through some of the latest personal finance stories. The group discusses retirement plan coverage, job and wage growth and some of the state run retirement initiatives.
  • Washington State’s Carolyn McKinnon, Marketplace Director, spends time with Jeff and George to discuss the State’s approach to promoting retirement and savings for those not covered by an employer-sponsored plan.
  • Groom Law’s David Levine spells Kevin Walsh (who is on assignment Smile) to discuss the continuous fallout from the 5th circuit’s court decision last month. David discusses how service providers and employers are responding to this latest news.