BRN Sunday #Podcast for September 6, 2020 | In this episode: (1) Good news (and bad news) in the monthly jobs report, (2) Apple will have 4 new phones this Fall, (3) an update on the second stimulus bill and a closer look at the payroll tax deferral beginning in September, (4) a continuing onslaught of DOL guidance: fiduciary duties for proxy voting and shareholder rights, (5) Amazon Prime, Walmart+, Instacart and Shipt: The perks, costs and how membership programs compare (6) GAO: more information on the health of Social Security, (7)  stocks are out over their skies and, (8) CDC orders a nationwide eviction moratorium till the end of 2020 | For more news and content visit and subscribe.

Featuring analysis from Devin Banerjee, CFA, Maurie Backman, Daniel Kline, Oliver Renick, Kevin Kelly, CFA, Alessandra Malito, Jacob Passy, Lydia Ramsey, David Levine and Kevin Walsh