BRN Sunday #Podcast for August 30, 2020 | In this episode: (1) SEC votes to change the definition of accredited investors, (2) the war over healthcare: the Amazon Halo, (3) pivoting your business: retailer digital sales sky rocket, (4) LinkedIn: Boom in volunteerism during the pandemic, (5) Gitlab CEO says pick-a-lane for hybrid work-from-home models to work, (6) the Dow Jones Rallies 125 Points To Erase Coronavirus Crash Losses, (7) sentiment is high and traders get bullish, and, (8) further scrutiny on the DOL ESG proposed rules – the SEC weighs in | For more news and content visit and subscribe.

Featuring analysis from Devin Banerjee, CFA, Maurie Backman, Daniel Kline, Oliver Renick, Kevin Kelly, CFA, Alessandra Malito, Jacob Passy, Lydia Ramsey, David Levine and Kevin Walsh