BRN Sunday #Podcast for August 9, 2020 | In this episode: (1) The jobless rate fell in July to 10.2%, (2) the next stimulus hangs in the balance with no extension, (3) Microsoft looks to buy TikTok, but is it a good fit?, (4) ecommerce and online shopping is taking off, (5) people are working an extra 48 minutes during the pandemic, (6) an eviction crisis is looming (7) gold and silver turn parabolic, the dollar falls off a cliff , and (8) the market is more oriented toward economic-centric companies | For more news and content visit and subscribe.

Featuring analysis from Devin Banerjee, CFA, Maurie Backman, Daniel Kline, Oliver Renick, Kevin Kelly, CFA, Alessandra Malito, Jacob Passy, Lydia Ramsey, David Levine and Kevin Walsh